Could Jerry already have a handshake deal with OBJ?

Something that struck me about Jerry coming out and saying how much he admires OBJ and then not pulling the trigger on a WR trade at the deadline. OBJ will be physically ready to get back on the field some time in December.. just in time for the stretch run.. Now that the Rams have started to have to pay the devil back for selling their souls last year they aint goin nowhere. OBJ obviously has some sentimental ties to NYG but it's a good bet that they will be a couple of games below the Cowboys in the standings in a few weeks.. and given the choice between playing with Dak Prescott and Daniel Jones as a receiver that's kind of a no-brainer.

Now he might be seduced by the prospect of playing with an all time great like Rodgers or Brady but both of them might be on the outside of the playoffs looking in pretty quick here. Would anything make him more post-career money than helping America's Team get to its first Super Bowl in 27 years? Are you kidding me!?!?! Jerry has GOT to be whispering all this in his ear.. (or his agent's ear) every other day..

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