What would it take for Dallas to win the SB?

I don’t want this to turn into a Dak bashing thread. We also all know the Jones family is a cancer on this organization. That said this team did just win 12 games back to back. There is talent on the roster. I don’t see sustained success given Jerry and his toxic culture but catching lightening in a bottle is possible. Not probable but possible. For the stars to align for a year this is what I think would need to happen.

1. Dak needs a season of mistake free football

2. McCarthy must do his best work as a play caller

3. Another great draft (2022 was excellent)

4. Micah playing like a DPOTY

5. Jerry decides to go all in and adds a couple impact FAs

6. Limited injuries especially to the OL

7. Young Smith continues to ascend

8. Improved run dense and a push from the middle of DL

9. Zeke is not on the team anymore, tag Pollard, draft a quality back

10. Health at CB

I think if all that happened Dallas might actually have a shot to do something the next 2 years. Your thoughts?

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