My issue with Parsons is usage

So no one can argue Micah Parsons is not an elite talent. Size, speed, strength, flare for the moment he is the complete package. I personally don’t like the Twitter stuff but on the field he is a cornerstone player that makes the other 10 defenders better.

My issue with him is usage. He has weakened towards the end of each season. He has been used almost exclusively as a pass rusher often times taking on tackles that outweigh him by 70-80 pounds. That is not a recipe for long term success in my opinion.

So the question I ask is this…would you rather have Parsons A or B.

A – Elite edge pass rusher. 12-18 sacks per year. Prone to run out of gas late in the season. 3 plus years of elite sack production.

B – All world LB. 8-12 sacks per year. Lines up all over the field. Blitz dawg. Turnover creating machine. 6/7 more years of being an elite perennial All Pro LB.

Very curious to hear what people think on this one. I vote for player B.

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