Our coaches were BRILLIANT today

Mike McCarthy, Kellen Moore, Dan Quinn, and all of the rest of our coaches were brilliant today. Absolutely BRILLIANT!!

To start off, Mike McCarthy was BRILLIANT with the gameplan and adjustments. His gameplan today was clever, and it extended how well we are owning the Vikings with him in charge. In case you're all unaware, we've beaten the Vikings every time we have played them with Mike as our coach, and all of those games were in Minnesota. He hasn't played them in Dallas yet, and he's proven that he owns Minnesota.

Kellen Moore's playcalling was outstanding. It was a well-balanced offense, and it was why our offense put 40 in Minnesota. This was the second seeded Vikings we played, and we made them look like they had mashed potatoes for brains and celery for legs. Kellen Moore was a big reason, and he did not go off balance. Well done to Kellen Moore.

Dan Quinn was brilliant! After the beating we took to the Packers, it seemed he had completely lost control. However, he had a brilliant card up his sleeve to fix our run defence. This was MUCH needed considering we were playing a Vikings team that consisted of Dalvin Cook and Justin Jefferson. Yet, they were completely removed from the gameplan, and it left Kirk Cousins at the mercy of Parsons.

This sort of coaching needs to stay exactly like it did and keep improving. This will lead to us reaching the levels that we desire from our team. Well done to ALL of our coaches.

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