I believe the defense has figured it out

Since early LAST year, this defense has prided itself on rushing the passer. DQ has constructed the defense all about rushing the passer. And why not with players like Parsons, DLaw and the rest of the defensive ends? They’re deep with pass rushers. Then 2022 started and teams quickly learned that hell yeah, the Cowboys can rush the passer. That’s what they focus on. That’s what they live by. So we’ll just run the ball at them. And it worked. And Dallas hasn’t adjusted. They have continued to base their defense on rushing the QB.

Post Green Bay game.

Finally, we’re hearing that not only the players, but the coaches have realized that basing your defense on rushing the passer ain’t working. We’ve heard from Quinn. We’ve heard from Parsons. We’ve heard from Kearse and we’ve heard from others that things have changed. True, we have a great pass rushing defense, but unless we stop the run on 1st and 2nd downs to force a passing situation, we’re gonna lose. Our pass rushing defense means squat unless we do so. For the first time EVER, the Cowboys have given up back to back over 200 yards rushing. Any defense that can’t stop the run is more than likely gonna lose I don’t care who you have at QB.

Quinn should’ve realized this earlier. That’s on him for not doing so. He has told the team now finally to stop the run on 1st and 2nd downs. They’re still 6-3 and in the thick of things. Many here have quit. Given up. Shame on you.

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