This 2022 team has some of early 90’s team fire

For those that were around during the early 90’s and the 3 Super Bowls wins you know about the fire from the leaders on the team. I’m talking about players like Michael Irvin, Troy Aikman and Charles Haley.

Michael led by being outspoken. Fired up on the sidelines. Urging others to get in the game. Say what you will about his off the field activities, but when he spoke up to his teammates, they listened.

Troy led by refusing to accept mediocrity. If you screwed up he would let you know. Just ask big Nate.

Charles led by well, being Charles. Once after a loss, he punched a hole through the locker room wall he was so upset. After a an early winning record he once said, “We’re just 2 losses away from disaster”.

This 2022 team has some of that fire. Micah Parsons the Lion. He doesn’t care about any kind of Hot Boyz crap. He just wants to crap on other teams by dominating them. Teams now fear him. As they should.

No matter what you wanna say about Dak, he’s got the fire as a leader as well. He leads by example which is just another style of leadership. He’s constantly striving to better his game. The players love him and will break down walls for him which was shown after he went down with that horrific injury. And how he came back from that was a true inspiration for everyone on that team.

What we don’t have that those early 90’s team did have is a Michael Irving type of leader.

Can Cee Dee Lamb be that type of leader? Trevon Diggs? Tyler Smith? Can Micah Parsons evolve into that type of leader? I don’t know but I hope that someone can fill that one void on this team and be that fiery leader that will help propel this team to greatness.

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