Dan Quinn- like Wade Phillips?

Been a lot of talk lately about Dan Quinn possibly being picked off the Cowboys staff to take a HC job again with perhaps Denver or another head coaching position that will be open this off season.

Quinn has obviously done a great job turning the Cowboys defense around. But I have been thinking lately about the comparison between Quinn and another excellent defensive coordinator who was a better DC than HC- Wade Phillips.

Wade Phillips was consistently an excellent defensive mind. As a DC, his defenses were always among the leagues best. As a head coach on the other hand, Phillips was ok- he was 82-64 in regular season as a HC. But he was 1-5 in the playoffs. Phillips won a SB ring as a DC in Denver in 2015. But he never saw that much success as a HC.

Dan Quinn was ok in Atl as a HC. 43-42 in the regular season, and 3-2 in the playoffs. But he had that collapse in the SB vs the pats and his Atl teams never recovered. Like Phillips, Quinn has a SB ring as a DC when he was in Seattle.

So is Dan Quinn a newer version of Wade Phillips? An excellent DC who isn’t as good as a HC? Or is he different?

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