Are you guys bored?

I’m feeling even more bored than I ever have been with the team, and I missed large portions of games this season and some entire games. I don’t remember feeling this disinterested in the club except prior to being a fan (when I was a small child).

The club’s owner just publicly stated that winning championships is not his or the team’s main priority-which kinda takes all guessing out of the equation. They ordered these results, and anyone still following knows they did.

Without any major shakeup this coming season, I doubt I catch many of the games at all. I would hazard a guess that the squad makes it to the 2024 wild card game and depending on the matchup and health of the other team maybe advances to the divisional round where the other team is much better and typically more healthy (then they lose). 12-5 seasons with no advancing to the final four to me is not progression-the arrow is pointing sideways (and aging core players will eventually lead to a downward trajectory).

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