Dave Campo Years were not because of the QB

Did some of you turn to cannibalism during the Dave Campo apocalyptic tenure? Judging by everyone’s potential reaction to what next if the Cowboys moved on from Dak – that of eating each other’s feces and washing it down with pig vomit.

Help me think of a QB that a team built around for more than 7 years that suddenly started making it to just the conference championship game after never reaching the threshold before. I am trying to understand you guys but cannot. Why continue to put money on a team’s core when they are aging and never reached the final four of the tournament?

Those Cowboys’ teams gave multiple 1st round picks to Seattle to acquire Joey Galloway and almost helped Seattle win a Super Bowl whilst crapping on the Dallas franchise. The team’s scouting department and draft management were a catastrophe those years and had been since Jimmy left. It wasn’t just the QB.

If I have learned anything by watching this season, it’s that there are many QB’s that can have good regular season success if:

1. The team has a decent offensive line and a strong running game.

2. The team commits to a ball control approach and does not turn the ball over much if at all

3. The defense is strong with a good pass rush.

4. The QB takes the easiest (highest probability) yardage gaining most times they get the chance.

5. Decent special teams play.

6. Not too many key injuries.

These 6 can get you into the playoffs with many QB’s. I would be fine moving on from any core players over 27 if the Cowboys don’t make it to the conference championship game this postseason. I know that the team cannot move on from Dak for at least 2 years.

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