Let’s talk west coast offense

If you like me, have limited knowledge of what to expect from WCO, the kind of players who best fit the system. Please feel to add any tips or nuggets. I’m trying to learn as much as possible (lol).

I will go on and ask the obvious question…….is the offense a good fit for Dak?

What is the West Coast offense in football?

Walsh. His “West Coast offense” was a ball-control offense that featured short passes and quick slanting pass routes by receivers and running backs. This resulted in coverage mismatches and space for the backs and receivers to break long runs. Walsh was inducted into the Pro Football Hall…

What is the basic West Coast offense?

The West Coast offense requires a quarterback who throws extremely accurately, and often blindly, very close to opposing players. In addition, it requires the quarterback to be able to quickly pick the best one of five receivers to throw to, certainly much more quickly than in previously used systems. I’m guessing this means every play will likely have an open receiver.


Key Player Types​

Typical players in a WCO are:

Quarterback: Mobile, accurate passer who makes good decisions. Does not have to have the strongest arm, since short passes are the key.

Linemen: Mobile, agile blockers who can roll a pocket with a mobile quarterback. The WCO is not a power running game, so zone blocking is more prominent.

Wide receivers: Accurate route runners, with good timing with the quarterback. Needs to be able to separate himself in traffic and make a play after the catch on shorter routes.

Running backs: Need to be a receiving threat, with good route-running skills. Also needs to be able to pass block, protecting the quarterback on 5-step drops. The offense will look to break longer runs later in a game, so a home run threat running back, who can step up and pass block, is ideal. Does not necessarily need to be the biggest, power runner.

Tight ends: Needs to be a blocker, as well as a possession receiver. Has to have good hands, able to catch a ball in traffic, especially over the middle as a progression target.

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