Do We Really Want OBJ?

I'm sure someone has already brought this up but the later we get in the season the more I wonder if bringing in OBJ is going to hinder this offense more than it will help. Ideally, we'd want him in uniform this week or next week as the next 3 games are against AFC teams with weak records and would be perfect for OBJ to get his feet wet, as I'm concerned that his dynamic will take some getting used to from his perspective and from Dak/Kellen's. Of course it will be great to have another weapon on the field the defenses have to account for (at the very least to free up someone else), but I'm worried that his insertion into the offense will cause Dak and Kellen to start forcing him the ball, he won't like the limited touches he will get per game, and we will get away from the play calling and offensive production that has us averaging close to 30 points per game since Dak's return. I wonder if utilizing the 3-headed TE monster, Pollard lined up at WR, etc., will, in the long run, provide better results that are harder for opposing defenses to scheme for than adding OBJ and running more predictable 11-personnel plays?

Obviously the perfect scenario is OBJ coming in, being a perfect teammate, Kellen getting even more creative with his playcalling and creatively utilizing all of his weapons in an unpredictable fashion, Dak and OBJ having immediate chemistry, Dak continuing to make great reads and throws and not forcing anything to OBJ just because he's there (and potentially demoralizing Ceedee in the process), but with OBJ likely not suiting up until the last 3-4 games at best, I'm worried that working out the kinks too late in the season with the NFC East on the line could cost us.

TL;DR – Adding OBJ could disrupt the currently very productive offense more than it will help them, and why mess with a good thing? That could result in losses, which is bad. Winning is good.

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