A Few Cowboys Bullet Points

1. Parsons is a legitimate defensive player of the year candidate. He takes over games. Players playing like Parsons is playing NOW are guys that you should consider playing top dollar for, not a Tank Lawerence type of player who is sporadic, not great, and can go long stretches without being an impact player.

2. Speaking of Tank—-I have ridden him pretty hard in the past, and I think it was deserved, but I will also give credit where credit is due. The guy is really starting to make a difference on defense, and starting to do it with some level of consistency. Glad to see Tank turning the corner.

3. Cooper Rush. He doesn’t win pretty, but he does win. This guy is going to make himself some real money if he wins two more in a row, if Dak stays out two more games. What a feel good story for him, personally.

4. The coaching staff. It seems like MM has assembled a really nice staff and it seems like he has a bit in Kellen Moores mouth and is turning him in the right direction. Good to see MM redeeming himself, asserting himself and proving his worth.

5. Jerry, Stephen, McClay and Co deserve a lot of credit for putting this roster together and Jerry deserves credit for keeping Quinn on staff for another year.

6. If Parsons went out with an injury or illness, would the defense be anywhere nearly as good? I hope we don’t have to find out.

7. Officials missed a couple today, but it was nice to see refs letting them play today.

8. When Dak comes back, will we be head and shoulders better or will Rush’s shadow loom over Dak? Hopefully the competition (pressure) will elevate Dak’s game. Fans are going to have a short tolerance leash on Prescott when he returns.

9. Is Elliott almost “done” or is he just getting the hammering inside runs to wear the defense down?

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