Pump the brakes

When most posters saw this schedule last spring, nobody thought the LA game was winnable, let alone with CR at QB. But lets look at the Rams in 2022., They are 2-3 and have had 5 different OL configurations in the first 5 games of the season. They are an offensive mess and not the same offense that won the super bowl. Yesterdays game was a perfect storm with our elite defensive pressure combining with there OL problems to blow up their offense accept for that one 75 yard TD to CC which was simply the best WR in the NFL making a great catch on a perfectly thrown ball. It was a fluke play and they could do nothing on offense for 95% of the game.

As for our OL, we could not block Aaron Donald's pass rush which is why CR only had 16 throws. It must have killed Moore to run the ball 30 times. lol. But, the offense was stymied most of the game and needed a defensive TD and a spectacular 57 yard TD run from Pollard to win this game.

The Eagles don't have Donald, but they have a better overall DL. This is not the same defense Dak torched last year. That said, if Cooper Rush wins this game to start 5-0, how do you bench him? I know we will but……………

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