A crossroads game

Thirty years ago, a young but talented Cowboys team was headed to San Francisco to face the mighty 49ers in the 1992 NFC championship game (Jan, 1993) The Niners had won 4 SBs since the Cowboys had last played in one. Almost every media outlet picked the niners.

As we all well remember, the Cowboys won 30-20 in a game that proved to be a crossroads for that entire organization. The Cowboys went on to win 3 of the next 4 SBs in one of the most dominant half decades in NFL history. After a 14 year drought the good guys went on to their best SB run in their history.

Thirty years later, the 2022 Cowboys are at another crossroad In San Francisco.

  • Will this team win a divisional playoff game for the first time in 28 years and get to an NFC championship again?
  • Or will they fizzle out after a wild card win like so many times before?
  • This game can reset the trajectory of this entire organization.
  • Or create another re-reun of the last nearly three decades.

By 8:30 PM Sunday night we will know. Will the Cowboys make history or simply repeat it? No excuses. Time to go get it!

Let’s go Cowboys!

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