IMO-The key player for a Cowboys win

It’s Tony Pollard. Not replacing Zeke or any of his carries, but actually being on the field at the same time as Zeke. As a slot receiver and occasional runner, and a guy being moved around like a pawn on a chessboard. Tony Pollard should be shown to the Bucs defense in multiple looks and roles.

And by the way, by using Pollard alongside Zeke wont hurt Zeke- it will help him! It may actually open some running opportunities for Zeke and also some opportunities catching the ball out the backfield. With our OL on shaky ground Sun night, I wouldn’t expect a traditional brand of a “power running game” coupled with a traditional drop back passing game.

So, with that in mind- Here’s how I hope we see Pollard Sunday night:

  • Starting along with Zeke – but as a slot receiver.
  • Getting 5-7 receiving targets, and at least 8-10 carries; a total of 12-15 touches.
  • Getting at least 40 offensive snaps.

We all know Cedee Lamb and Noah Brown will start at WR- and Rookie Jalen Tolbert. Although Tolbert has big upside, I don’t think he should get more than a few snaps. Devante Turpin and Dennis Houston will probably also get some snaps. Tony Pollard should be getting more snaps as a slot receiver than Tolbert because he’s a better option NOW.

Who knows what Kellen Moore does Sunday night. But I will be surprised and disappointed if Tony Pollard is not a major player. He may be the wild card on offense.

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