Here’s why lost and what needs to happen to improve

Unlike last year in that embarrassing first round loss to the niners, the Cowboys came out and played very hard tonight. They played with way more fire than they did last year vs the niners. And it still wasn’t enough. Hate to say it my friends but the niners are a better team than we are. Period. They deserve to be in the NFC championship game next Sun.

Being even more blunt- the niners had more talent at key positions than we do. They added Christian McAffrey. They have two of the best defensive players in the entire league in Nick Bosa and Fred Warner. Serious Question: What did we add this year that made us way better?

Here’s why we lost IMO:

  • The niners are a better team. They are better at multiple positions and they are better coached than we are. Kyle Shanahan is an offensive genius. Brock Purdy is an average NFL talent who is surrounded by top 5 talent at multiple positions. Their defense is top shelf.
  • I think we went as far as this team’s talent could have taken it. Dak is not good enough to carry this team. He can win playoff games if he has more of the top tier talent around him team like SF has.
  • The two interceptions were killers.
  • Micah Parsons needs help. He‘s great, but he’s not enough alone. We need lots of help at DL and in the secondary.
  • The niners and eagles got way better this off-season. We got a little better. We did not improve enough last off-season. They did. It’s that simple.

Here‘s a few things that should happen:

  • You can’t build with just the draft. FA and trades matter. The two NFC championship teams were aggressive this off-season. We were not. If we don’t learn how to get better in FA, this team will fall back not get better.
  • We do not have a great front office. They do NOT know how to build a playoff winner. We have 28 years of receipts. They don’t understand how to be aggressive in FA and trades and it shows. THAT MUST CHANGE.
  • Jerry needs to hire a strategic advisor to help plan their off-season. We must have an aggressive off-season or this team goes backward. The Jones boys don’t know what they’re doing.
  • They should explore trading Dak or get aggressive to surround him with more talent. This team does not have enough offensive talent at multiple positions.

This is just an early assessment. Lots more to think about.

But to me it’s crystal clear- this team does not have enough talent and lacks the front office strategic ability to fix it without help.

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