A 59 year Cowboys fans Perspective

Everyone said early on our weakness was WR because we lost Amari Cooper. Cowboys signed FA James Washington from Pittsburgh and drafted Tolbert in the 3rd round. The jury is out on both and Gallup has yet to come back from his injury. Meanwhile Noah Brown has 10 receptions in 2 games. Lamb has 9. Tampa Bay has a great defense.

Everyone said early on that the Cowboys lost out because they let La’el Collins and Connor Williams go. Cowboys drafted Tyler Smith in the 1st round. Cowboys signed future HOF’er Jason Peters. Cowboys depth has shown up early with the youngsters.

Everyone said that the Cowboys were weak at the TE position because we lost Blake Jarwin. Cowboys drafted Jake Ferguson and allowed Dalton Shultz to shine. Hendershot showing promise.

Everyone said that the Cowboys sucked at the FG kicker position. Cowboys signed Maher who is 3-3 all over 50 yards with a last second game winner.

Everyone said that Kellen Moore’s play calling sucks. Everyone was right.

My point is that let the season play out. No reason to quit after 1 or 2 games. There’s 15 games left. Don’t t quit. Don’t give up. Cowboys are a team with good chemistry, the best defensive player in the NFL and hope going forward. Many of you have already given up. Don’t, and instead be patient.

Haven’t even talked defense yet.

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