Zeke needs some Respect

Zeke’s not the guy he was in 2016. No argument there. He’s 27 now and has taking a beating. He’s had some minor injuries that have hampered him the last year or so. 27 is getting up there for a RB but 27 is still young. It’s all about how you take care of your body. Hell, Brady’s 42 and still competing at a high level.

What Zeke has morphed into later in his career is a ground and pound short yardage machine. When was the last time you saw Zeke get stopped on 3rd and 1? It’s happened, but it’s been awhile. If you have a ground and pound RB who can get that 1st down on 3rd and 1 then you have something. The defense knows it’s coming, yet Zeke gets it done. And the key to that statement is that he’s done it with great offensive lines and bad offensive lines. You may not like the nose rings, the fro, the “Feed Me”, but the dude balls out on Sunday’s. We’re lucky to have him. Now his next contract is not going to be anything close to his 1st contract, but I for one hope the Cowboys extend him at a Cowboy friendly contract next year. He’s a huge part of the offense.

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