It’s Time to Make a Statement

The Bucs are favored on a away game. TB12 is the GOAT. Mike Evan is a future HOF’er. Vita Vea. Zoner’s aren’t giving the Cowboys a chance in hell.


IMO the Cowboys locker room is as tight as a gnat’s ***. And if you’ve played team sports you know how important a factor that is. Team chemistry is a huge part of any team’s winning season. By all evidence, the Cowboys have that.

The Bucs have a great offense led by TB#12.

They have a great defense led by Vita Vea and others.

The Cowboys have a great offense led by Dak. They finished with the #1 offense in 2021 and #3 in 2020. That just doesn’t happen because of players.

I understand the feeling that the WR is a position of weakness. They lost Cooper to FA and Gallup to injury. Their FA signing of Washington is injured. Until Gallup gets back and until they sign Beasley, fans are crapping all over the wide receiver corps. Before they’ve ever seen them play. Moore is a smart guy who comes from a long lineage of NFL experts. I haven’t given up on him and think he can play, early on, to the Cowboys offensive strengths. It’s the year that Moore either puts up or shuts up.

The defense was #14 in yards allowed. #16 in rushing yards allowed. That’s no cutting it. Middle of the road. But now they have a 2nd year Parsons and a proved veteran in Barr, They also have the rookie Williams , and one of the best CB’s in Diggs, and an improved Bohanna, and an improved Trystin Hill and an improved secondary.

As for the Special Teams, we now have Turpin-time. The first legitimate return man we’ve had since Deion. Anger is a Pro Bowler. Question mark, and a big one, is Maher. Can he perform like he did early in his career.

So IMHO, the Cowboys are solid in 2 of the 3 phases with special teams being the big question mark. And that’s a huge question mark. If Maher performs well, then this team can go all they way.

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