Be Careful What You Wish For

For those of you wanting Mike McCarthy to be sacked, I'm writing this thread as a caution to be careful what you wish for. I know we all want better than what we've been doing, but what coaches do you think would agree to take the HC job here with Jerry? Mike might be the last big name we get for a while. Sean isn't going to put up with Jerry. I know he was claiming interest in 2019, but how many times are we used as a way for players and coaches to get better deals? Sean McVay won't be coaching here.

The best case scenario is that maybe we get Quinn to stay and be the HC. However, I have a sinking feeling that we are going to have Kellen Moore be the next HC. Let's face it, he's the exact Yes Man that Jerry would want, and he'd be a way for Jerry to try to prove he made the right decision in elevating Jason Garrett when he did. He very well cannot rehire Jason Garrett, but I get the sense that Moore is being groomed for EXACTLY the same purpose.

If Mike gets the sack, Jerry might use that as a way to say big names don't work, so he'll be back to the Yes Man coaches. Guess who that favours. Also, look at the way that Kellen is being protected by Jerry. We all know Moore is in over his head. We all know Mike has more experience. Yet, Mike isn't able to call his own plays. I hope I'm wrong, but the signs are there. I see Kellen Moore succeeding Mike if he gets binned, and that would be a complete disaster. But, it'd be exactly what Jerry would do to prove that he knows football.

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