Wake me up when the Playoffs begin. Third and maybe last shot at it with current crew

Looks like the Cowboys are possibly headed to another 12-5 season. This defense mows through bad quarterbacks, and we still have a few left on our schedule.

At CAR and then WAS are probably wins? I think they might even come back and beat the Eagles in the home rematch since the team seems to play so much better with the home crowd. Against SEA, @BUF, @MIA, DET, or @ WAS, could see at least 2-3 losses.

Hope this is the year, third times the charm. Because the window is shutting quickly. Parity in today’s league ends runs quickly.


  • Dak is in his prime, and should be playing lights out like he is, but he’s still his best when running and the clock ticks every day for someone like that after 30.
  • We’re probably looking for a new RB next year with Pollard’s tag ending.
  • Tyron and Zack older, Biadasz a free agent and we’re stuck with Steele’s contract.
  • Since Schoon is big and slow, we don’t have any depth at TE.
  • Oh yeah… we signed Steele instead of CeeDee and if you’ve been keeping track, nothing is set in stone on a new All-Pro WR staying. Tyreek Hill, Devante Adams, AJ Brown… to name a few.


  • Seems like the league has figured out the best ways to play #11 now, and Parsons is a great player but I think this is as much as you’re going to get asking a guy almost 250 lbs to play as a DE on most snaps.
  • Armstrong and Fowler a FA next year, and Tank like Zack and Tyron, a year older.
  • LVE calling the defensive plays is out, and he probably won’t come back to football next year. The team is banking a lot on the other guy they were training to call the defense – Overshown – considering no snaps in a regular game and a history of injuries going back to college.
  • Safeties were great stories at one point but seems like they’ve disappeared.
  • Gilmore is a FA, and if you think Pollard, Steele, Lewis, etc all lost something with their injuries, get ready for Diggs. The fans wanted him off the team last year, wait until he starts giving up big plays next year because he’s lost a step.
  • Oh yeah… we’re still trying to find a dominant DT. I don’t think the plan was for a 30+ yr old nose to be taking all the snaps from the first round rookie.

I believe this is a window year, not only because of everything pointed out above, but also because this year’s draft is looking like one of the worst in recent years. There are a lot of holes to fill next year and only so many draft picks and cap.

So great game today, but I hope they can stay healthy and carry some momentum into the Playoffs because parity makes it so hard to continually field a winner.

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