You are defined by your biggest accomplishment in the playoffs

For every one of our fans complaining about a “lack of respect from the media” after our great win last night, just remember- we won’t be respected until we do something new in the playoffs. And that CAN happen this Sunday with another road win in a divisional playoff game this weekend. We haven’t won a divisional playoff game in 28 years.

So don’t worry about respect until we do something we haven’t done lately. I’m not minimizing our win! It was great. I’m thrilled. But folks we should have won that game last night. A 12 win team vs an 8 win team. We are better than the Bucs. And it was a wild card playoff win, which we have won 4 other times since our last divisional round win.

Again, respect is earned in the playoffs. Let a winning scoreboard do the talking. Hate to say my fellow fans, but we haven’t earned much respect- yet. Here’s hoping this time next week we’re talking about being in the NFC championship game. That will earn some respect.

Put it in even simpler terms…Do we want to be defined this year by just winning a wild card game? That’s cool. But that’s not much in the respect column.

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