No Excuses. Period

If we want our Cowboys to finally win a divisional round playoff game, there can be NO EXCUSES. PERIOD.

I‘m hoping this team mentally rejects all the excuses that many throw out about why we have a “disadvantage”. Here are some of the many excuses we must hope our team rejects:

  • ”They get two more days of rest”. Who cares? Just win.
  • ”On the road again this week.” Who cares? Just win.
  • ”They whipped us physically last time.” Doesn’t matter this time. Just win.
  • ”The refs (fill in the blank)…” Who cares? Overcome them. Just win.
  • “It’s a grass field.” Don’t care. Doesn’t matter. Just win.
  • ”We’re not getting respected this week.” Who cares? We haven’t earned it yet. Everyone has to respect playoff wins. Keep winning.
  • ”So and so is hurt…” Who cares? They have players out too. Just win.
  • ”We haven’t won these kind of games.” Just win this one.

Just win. Find a way. Be mentally tougher than they are. Punch then counter-punch.

If we win we its because we earned it. If they win it’s because they overcame our best shot on every single play.


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