Just 1 more trade Jerry, just one more

Two trades, two upgrades, one to the offense and one to the defense. The resigning have greatly helped and now we are in the 2nd week of free agency and frankly the picking are slim. We still need help on the D-Line and the O-Line and would be nice to add another LB, CB, and RB for depth purposes.

So Jerry, just one more trade and our defense becomes one of the best if not the best in 2023.

Trade for Quinnen Williams DT from the Jets. He is on the last year of his contract and only 25 years old. A top DT in the league and a cap number just shy of $10 million. So Jets would get a $10 million added to their cap.

Why would the Jets trade him? They are about to take on Aaron Rodgers and his salary in 2023 and will need cap space and draft picks because I’m sure Green Bay isn’t giving Rodgers away for nothing. So what about a 2nd or better yet a 3rd or 4th for Williams.

Dallas then could extend Williams and lower his cap number significantly and solve the DT problem for a number of years. The only downsize is Williams is probably going to want somewhere in the $60/$75 million range for 5 years. Should fit great in Quinn’s scheme.

Then not to get greedy, but what about Frank Clark on a one year rental. Defense would be absolutely great.

Heck then the draft becomes all about offense.

I could live with that draft then.

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