Cowboys at bye looking good at 5th seed

Cowboys moved up to 5th seed Sunday after NY lost to Seattle . We of course currently own tiebreaker due to head to head win.

1st seed Phil 7-0

2nd seed Min 6-1

3rd Seed Sea 5-3

4th seed Atl 4-4

5th seed Dal 6-2

6th seed NY 6-2

7th seed SF 4-4( better conf record than Wash)

As 5th seed we’d travel to Atlanta. I think Tampa only 1 game back can still take division which if that’s the case we start in Tampa. I see the West finishing with 3rd seed.

I see SF eventually over taking 3rd seed and West. There will be a battle for 6th and 7th seed with NY, LA, Sea, Wash and maybe Atl or GB.

Cowboys at 5th seed is not a bad place to be as it appears against the odds to over take Phil with their much easier second half schedule . In either case we will have the better record in most scenarios and possibly favored or very slight underdogs on the road against a possible lesser divisional winner. Good situation for a W/C.

And if a Tampa, LA or GB slide in as a 7th seed they could potentially upset the #2 seed . Which means we’d have an easier Divisional round game not having to face #1 seed until Champ game .

A lot can change of course between now and the playoffs. But that’s how I see it now.

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