What we need and don’t need for a Cowboys deep playoff run

The frustration of the last 27 years grinds on us all. This is by far the longest drought of playoff success in the Cowboys storied history. No need to detail the futility. We all know the numbers. We are long overdue for a deep run in the playoffs.

So what needs to happen for us to win at least 3 playoff games this year? I think the answer to that question is simpler than many might think.

Let me start by saying WHAT WE DO NOT NEED:

  • We won’t have a deep playoff run because our QB carried us. I don’t care if Dak or Rush starts. I do think that Dak is a better QB in the long haul, but unless we have Brady or Mahomes, no QB alone can carry any team to a championship. We just need our QB to play efficient, smart football. We don’t have a gunslinger, and neither do about 29 other teams. SB history is full of QBs who weren’t HOFers but won rings.
  • We don’t need some washed up former star being added to this roster- like Odell Beckham, Jr or Ndamakong Suh. Guys like that won’t be the difference. We already have enough talent on this roster to win in the playoffs.


  • We must have a complete team- all 53- playing together as a TEAM with intensity and toughness- honestly we have been a soft team for far too long. Last year the niners taunted us by saying they were going to run on us- and they did just that. Soft.
  • Role players must perform in key moments– Very few playoff games are won by just the QB or some other star player- for example:
    • In last year’s SB win, the rams had several key role players make huge contributions. Their leading tackler in last year’s SB? LB Ernest Jones who had 6 tackles and a sack.
    • How about Tampa Bay’s leading tackler in SB LV? LB Devin White had 12 tackles, 2 were TFL.
    • Many forget that in the 2020 NFC championship game, Tom Brady threw 3 picks. What saved him and the Bucs was the defense. Anyone remember Sean Bunting’s 3 INTs in the playoffs?

My point is, we need all 53 players to do their jobs with commitment, focus and toughness. We don’t have to have a superstar QB. We need a tough team to emerge like we haven’t seen since the 90s. This team has been resilient after week one. Can they maintain it and continue to get better? The answer to that question is what makes football fun.

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