Why do people keep saying Dak has to play great 4 straight games in the playoffs?

How many QBs have had 4 straight perfect games in the playoffs. People need to accept that playoff defenses are typically badasses. Qbs almost never got to town in every game in the playoffs. Some completely poop the bed but get bailed out by other aspects of their team. Anybody remember Ruthlessraper’s 27 passer rating in his first Super Bowl win? How about Brady’s INTs on three consecutive possessions in the NFC Championship two years ago? Or better yet is 71 passer rating performance against the Rams in 2018? Or how about his classic 150 yard "masterpiece" in his first Super Bowl agaisnt the Rams? Or maybe Mahomes 78 passer rating with 2 INT performance against the 49ers while WINNING the Super Bowl?

I really wish people would move off this whole "This QB can carry his team" kick. It’s just not true and I’m really getting tired of hearing it. Nobody is carrying 47 other guys. I really get sick of the media constantly foisting this brain dead narrative upon us. Yes the QB is the most important player on the team.. I get that.. but he aint winnin jack without some help. It’s disrespectful to those 47 other guys to keep acting like they play no part in their teams’ fortunes.

At the end of the day the Cowboys TEAM will need to play 4 straight great games to win it all. Dak is part of that team.. however he alone will not win or lose any game. Why is that such a hard reality for some to accept?

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