Eagles Defense Overrated

My assessment based on the Eagles defensive performance yesterday is that they are one of the worst defenses in the league. I’ll explain.

First they were playing against one of the worst QBs in the league. As many experts like Risen have noted, Dakota Prescott is terrible. He is oft injured. He almost leads the league in interceptions even though he missed 5 games. Prescott is basically the least intimidating QB in the league and they let him carve them up for over 320 yards. He even gifted them a defense TD by tossing a ball slowly to their DE to start the game. What else was Prescott suppose to do to make it easy for them. Despite all this, they let Dallas score on 8 of 10 possessions!

The Dallas OLine is also made up of a bunch of misfits. I mean the Eagles literally let go of Jason Peters, who is basically a card carrying member of the AARP, years ago, only to see him come into the game at the goal line to block as a TE. Then they let this geriatric manhandle their line.

Should I even mention that the Eagles allowed a sexual predator who is a shell of his original overrated self – Zeke Elliot – come in and get first down after first down after touchdown. It was a complete embarrassment. Zeke runs like a 7.6 40 and has to wear a visor because the sun hurts his eyes. They couldn’t stop him.

Then there is the incredibly pathetic Dallas receiving core. Cee-Dee Lamb, who is a pretend #1 (more like #2.5) got 2 TDs and 35 fantasy points. A season high. TY Hilton, who had not been on the field for over a year, scorched the Eagles effortlessly. Only the worse D in the league could allow these stats.

On top of all this, everyone knows that Kellen Moore is an absolute JOKE of an OC. Literally one of the worst ever. Moore, a literal man-child, gutted the Eagles D for 40 points. Insane. Basically you could have taken the average member of this board and they would have scored 50 as OC against the Eagles laughing stock of a defensive unit.

The things is we ALL KNOW defenses win championships. With their terrible D, the Eagles can’t win a playoff game. It’s impossible.

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