The official scorekeeper gave Zeke another broken tackle

Does the NFL's official scorekeeper read these boards? Yall probably saw my posts last week about how the scorekeeper has been screwing Zeke by dismissing his broken tackles. When I checked the numbers over the weekend they had awarded Zeke one whole broken tackle in the Thanksgiving game. He was at 4 heading into that game and 5 coming out of it. Anybody who watched that game knows damn well that was bunk. Apparently they re-watched the game and added another one. Maybe they saw the two tackles he broke on the way to his TD run. So now he has 6, tying him with TP for the team lead. Mind you I still say he had at least 5 broken tackles in that game but I guess .. baby steps..

On a side note they also appear to have corrected Dak's on target/on target numbers. But they charged him with 7 bad throws in the Thanksgiving game. Not sure I agree with that but it's an improvement over the 63% they had him at right after the game. Suffice it to say I no longer trust pro-football-reference as the definitive source for numbers.

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