Schotty and Dak Prescott

I know, I know. There’s already far too many Dak threads. However, I had a realisation about something when I was writing a response in another thread.

When Dak Prescott was a rookie, he had Romo, Moore, and Mark Sanchez (who had been waived by the Broncos in TC) in the QB room with him. Mark Sanchez was credited as being a positive influence ( who was able to help Dak navigate his rookie season (before you laugh, Romo credited Vinny Testaverde as one of the people who helped develop him). This makes sense when you think about it as Mark Sanchez’s rookie season was with the NY Jets. The New York/New Jersey area is a similarly tough market to conquer to Dallas. Yet, in 2009 and 2010, he made the AFCC in back to back years. Yes, he’s constantly mocked for the butt fumble, but people forget that he was a decent QB with them, and he was the better QB between him and Bradford when he played in Philly before coming here.

But Rusty, you’re probably asking, who cares? What’s this have to do with the topic at hand? Well, do you know who Mark Sanchez’s OC was when he went to the AFCC in consecutive seasons? Schottenheimer was the OC. Guess who is Dak’s OC now. Schottenheimer! I don’t know if it’ll be similar results, but I think it’s interesting that Mike McCarthy chose the OC of the QB who was among the biggest influences on Dak’s development as the next OC.

I think that this will be helpful for Dak for two reasons. Firstly, if Dak learned a lot from Sanchez in a way that it set him up for a successful first several seasons in the NFL (which, for a 4th round pick, that’s incredible), then it stands to reason that Dak should be able to learn additional techniques that Moore was not capable of teaching Dak, based on Moore’s lack of experience. Secondly, sometimes, hearing the same voice from a coach and using basically the same system every season can become stale. Additionally, especially if the same route concepts are being run, it makes it easier for DBs to anticipate the route and counter the routes. By bringing in a voice like Schotty, it means that, even though Mike McCarthy is calling the plays, Dak will have an OC who has a slightly different style to Moore to where DBs won’t be so easily able to anticipate the routes, but one that’s similar to a voice with whom Dak would be familiar based on his history with Mark Sanchez.

I don’t know if anyone else happened to notice this connection, but I think that it is an interesting connection. If Schottenheimer brings what I think he can to the table, I think his hiring may be quietly one of the more brilliant acquisitions this offseason.

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