We are what we’ve been until we prove we are something else

The Cowboys have enough talent to be competitive for playoff success. IMO, what they lack is not talent. It’s toughness. This team has been soft for far too long.

And the cause for this softness. It’s the culture. It is THE main reason for the softness. This organization is tainted by the big boys at the top who are perfectly satisfied with being “relevant”, and being talked about, and having big TV ratings. As if that matters. They act like they have accomplished something without the actual accomplishment. That filters down to the players.

What could be softer than the owner hiring his kids based on DNA not qualifications and with no accountability for results?

When our fans complain about the “lack of respect” for this team I cringe. Because in my book this team won’t earn any respect until they do something more than a wild card win. This team is what they’ve been for the last 27 years until they prove they are something more. Jersey sales, stadium size, tv ratings, Forbes ”championships”? Who cares?

Win some freakin’ playoff games as in more than a wild card game for a change. Then I’ll believe this organization isn’t soft.

We are what we’ve been until we prove we are something else. Here’s hoping post bye that journey to being different has begun.

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