Why are the Cowboys so reluctant to make trades the last decade?

I find it interesting that the Cowboys are one of the least likely teams in the NFL to make trades. And when they do, it usually involves either a first round pick or a 6-7th round pick- almost never involves a player for player trade.

In the last decade, the Cowboys have made 22 trades, which is near the bottom of NFL teams making trades. I find that interesting. In the last decade, New England has made a whopping 67 trades, KC 40, and Balt 34. Making trades in and of itself doesn’t guarantee anything, but it does make me wonder why our FO is so reluctant to do them when for example we could really use a swing T.

Some other interesting aspect of our trade habits the last decade:

  • Of the 22 trades we’ve made, 8 involved DL.
  • Only 3 of those 22 trades involved a player for player swap.
  • Of those 22 trades, 13 involved defensive players.
  • The most common trade capital used has been 6th and 7th round picks.

Why are the Cowboys so reluctant to make a trade? With an obvious need at OL depth, and with some current depth at DL, wouldn’t it make sense to get some help via trade?


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