Recap: Big Mac’s Weekly Wrap-Up Training Camp Press Conference

  • Anthony Barr still going through medical process. Exciting player. Excellent fit.
  • Barr gives us another weapon in our packages. Defensive staff is excited to have another piece.
  • Let's not jump the gun yet, but I think he's a good fit and give us flexibility on defensive personnel, both on and off the ball. Nothing final until he checks out medically.
  • Jabril Cox doing good. Coming off major injury. Being cautious. Holding him back now, but practice again next week.
  • Kickers going to be involved in "mojo moment" practice this week.
  • Biggest change in Dak since I've been here is consistency and growth. Does a phenomenal job offseason and during season. Has built an impressive network of personal coaches. This offense is built around him and I see him improving in every aspect.
  • Watch the way Dak interacts and his competitive nature is important for the team. It's the post-snap conversations and little things though. It's the maturation of your QB.
  • We don't line up 11 players on defense. Different roles and matchups. Don't see Barr taking time from Cox. Anthony was always a challenge for us as a rusher, we had to be very conscious of his matchup. We want to continue to develop different rush plans.
  • Medical depth chart determines who we play against Broncos. We have to be smart.
  • I would compare our recruiting of Barr to Malik Hooker. Similar process. Players has other opportunities too. Veteran knows his body. A lot that plays into those decisions.
  • Parsons. If he's playing linebacker or open end, still low percentage of coverage responsibility. Modern football a lot of 4 or 5 man fronts. You can't use how many times they played at a certain position. End of the day, it's about responsibility you give them. Parsons needs to be on line of scrimmage or at least going after the football. We all recognize that. His ability to play LB is obviously a gift. You saw play the other day with him catching Tony Pollard. His ability to make plays on second level is a huge asset.
  • With (C-Word), we have excellent point man for this. Jim Mauer, our head trainer, does a great job staying on top of protocols, trends and patterns. He speaks in team meetings. We have a plan to deal with it this year.
  • Love the depth at right defensive end. Whether its NASCAR package, ability to get different personnel, I think those guys all have a premium role. They're off to a good start. Pass rush, you want to make sure you have at least 6 rushers. Our rookie — Sam Williams – We're still in install phase. Technique always comes last. That's normal. I want to see him handle the volume. We ask a lot from our defensive front. This is not vertical football, there's a lot of line call and movement. Install is a challenge for a young guy.
  • Fri/Sat off because workload capacity. Flipped regen day. We do virtual format meetings. A lot was gained from pandemic, and virtual teaching/learning was one of them.
  • I've seen Tyler's physicality. We knew he was going to show up when the pads come on. He's everything we thought he would be – physical, powerful. He's like all our linemen. Same as the question though on Sam Williams – needs to get through the installs first. See if he can handle that. I like the reps he's getting. He's off to a good start.
  • Broncos Coach, been around Hackett family a long time. Paul Hackett one of my mentors. Saw Nathaniel grow up, exciting to see him get a chance to coach. He's been around football his entire life.
  • I have a lot of love for Dan Quinn. Always enjoyed competing against him. We had a lot of conversations in our time off. With him coming to Dallas, it's been everything I thought. He's very comfortable in Dallas, and I'm glad he's here. It's not only professional, but personal relationship I put a lot of value in.
  • QB is a natural leadership position. But just doesn't mean you're a leader. It's your personality. Dak has as much natural leadership as anyone I've ever been around. To watch him exercise it and grow is good. One thing about today's NFL roster, it changes a lot. 25% players 53 man roster new every year. He does a hell of a job managing it.

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