30 Years: 1966-1995

The Dallas Cowboys from 1966 to 1995, a 30 year period:

21 times in the playoffs

17 division titles

21 seasons of double digit wins

16 conference championship games

8 Super Bowls

5 Super Bowl championships

49 playoff games

Won 65.7% of their regular season games, ranked #1 for this 30 year period

Ranked #1 scoring offense 5 times

Ranked #1 offensive yardage 6 times

Ranked #1 defense in yardage allowed 3 times

3 Head Coaches, all Super Bowl winners

7 Super bowl MVP’s.

166 Pro Bowl selections, an average of 5.5 a season

57 1st Team All-Pro selections, an average of almost 2 per season.

24 players, 2 Head Coaches, 1 Personnel Director, 1 GM and 1 owner/GM in the Hall of Fame.

There will never be another 30 year run similar to this in the NFL, past, present or future. I was extremely privileged to witness almost all of it. I began watching them in 1970.

Any time I am frustrated with this team or any time someone asks why I am still a fan, this list reminds me that every team has it’s “era” but no team even came close to the length of the Cowboys era, three decades long. That is their legacy.

To this day, they still have the highest historic winning percentage in the NFL.

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