What this organization does well- and does not do well

We all want the same thing as Cowboys fans. We all want to win.

Anyone paying attention to what winning NFL organizations do- especially those winning SBs- would notice that it takes more than just talent to win in this league. In fact, in this current cap era, the teams that can best proactively plan, maneuver around the cap and develop a well coached, cohesive roster are the teams winning SBs.

Obviously, being only 1 of 3 NFC teams not even win a divisional playoff game the last 26 years says we haven’t been doing enough right. That’s obvious. But there are some things we do well as an organization. Just not enough.

Here is a list of what we do well and don’t do well and how making some improvements could make a huge difference:


  • Selling and marketing the product. No front office in the NFL is better at selling hype, hope, jerseys, tickets and advertising partners than the Cowboys. Now that doesn’t win games but…we are talking about things we do well, lol.
  • Provide quality training facilities– the Cowboys have one of the best practice and training facilities for a sports franchise in the world. Facilities are second to none. That’s important.
  • Scout and Draft Talent– we have really improved in this area the last decade under Will McClay. Except for a weird habit of Jerry’s to take unnecessary risks in round 2, we’ve done pretty well at finding talent.
  • The organization is willing to pay to keep its best drafted talent– the organization is not afraid to make a financial commitment to its best players. Sometimes (lime with Zeke) Jerry may even be too quick to be generous. But that’s probably better than having a cheapskate owner.


  • Hire the best head coaches- let’s be honest. Since Jimmy left, (other than Parcells) Jerry has been very reluctant to hire top shelf head coaches. Guys like Chan Gailey, Dave Campo, Wade Phillips and Jason Garrett would never make a list of good NFL HCs. Jerry seems to always fear he will be overshadowed by the HC so he hires for his own comfort more than hiring a winner.
  • Accountability- any organization serious about being the best MUST have accountability starting at the very top all the way down. When the owner’s children have lifetime contracts without any way to hold them accountable for on field results, you have a huge accountability problem.
  • Manage the cap aggressively– look at the teams winning SBs lately- the rams, bucs and chiefs are all led by aggressive GMs who are held accountable to “win now” and act accordingly. While Stephen Jones laughs and spews his garbage about “keeping our powder dry”, people like Les Snead of the rams are quietly making big moves to make their team better now. And Snead doesn’t have a radio show.
  • Delegating authority– we all know Jerry micromanages. It doesn’t work. Hire great people and let them do their jobs is a truth for ALL organizations. Who’s in charge of the locker room? Who makes all the major decisions? Who’s the de-facto “face of the franchise”? If it’s the same person for all and he’s the owner, it’s tough to build the right kind of organization.
  • Following a consistent blueprint for success– Jerry himself says he doesn’t reflect on his mistakes. One of his mistakes is his inability to shut up and with discipline and self control follow a long term plan for roster building.
  • Being quiet- it’s amazing how much jabbering we get from the Jones boys. If they would just simply shut their mouths for a while it would literally help the team. But JJ has to crow. I’m hard pressed to find an organization where the owner/GM talk so much.

This list could go on and on…If I could pick 3 things to change about this organization and how it does business it would be:

  1. Hire a great HC and let him do his job.
  2. Have some accountability at the top for failure. Maybe SJ isn’t the guy to be in charge of the cap.
  3. Shut up Jerry and Stephen. Just close your mouth. Zip it. It will truly help your team and those you hired to help it win.

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