Proactive vs Reactive

We all know being proactive with problems is better than waiting until your choices are limited, then having to react from a weakened position.

I know our front office is saying they want to wait before signing a WR to see how the young players do. I understand wanting to see how the kids progress. But what happens if they don’t pan out but you wait until the regular season starts to find out? And if we sign a veteran WR now why would that in any way stunt the development of the young WRs?

This sounds a lot like the beginning of the 2018 season. We had a bunch of new receivers (Gallup was one of them) and the FO waited until 7 games into the season before admitting we didn’t have enough at WR. Which then led to Jerry’s reactive move to acquire Amari Cooper at the cost of a #1 pick.

Waiting until the house is on fire is never a good strategy. All the firemen I know say most fires are prevented before they ever start.

Being proactive doesn’t mean you aren’t developing your young talent too. We should be able to walk and chew gum.

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