I was at Eagles Training Camp; here is a report on the enemy

So, I was invited to see camp by a friend who works for the Eagles. I used to go a few times back in the day when Juan Castillo was my neighbor and I was friendly with Jon Runyan. Here is what I saw.

We have, by far, the best QB in the division. Jalen Hurts still has no consistent timing with his receivers, nor does he have particularly good downfield vision. Being an Eagles fan must be frustrating, since watching AJ Brown and Davonte Smith, they clearly have real talent and speed at the WR position. Toss in Chez Watkins, and they would be very dangerous if they had a real QB.

To add to this, their offensive line is no joke. Hurts has plenty of time to make those throws, but just can't do it with any consistency. Twice he had 4+ seconds in the pocket and missed receivers who had their man beat. He did keep a few plays alive with his legs, but with that line, just throw the damn ball.

Mishnew is what he is, a capable backup.

Carson Strong threw two balls that went 65+ yards in the air, and it didn't look like he was even trying. He has the arm strength of Hercules. Too bad he has the mobility of a pregnant cow. In the right system he could be a real player. I know they want to work with him and hopes he can become the #2.

I am 6'4", 275. Jordan Mailata walked past me. I felt small.

Miles Sanders could be a #1 back, but he just gets hurt too often, and does have a bit of the fumbles. He does have the talent.

On one play, Jordan Davis destroyed a blocker, shed another, and ran one of their scat backs down from behind.

The Eagles with a real QB would have a chance to go deep in the playoffs. Right now, they will finish second in the division and go out in the first round.

Just my humble opinion based on a limited look.

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