The better teams in the NFL are often drafting QBs

Here’s a very revealing stat: Since 2000 – the last 24 drafts – the Cowboys have only drafted 6 QBs. Here’s the list:

  • 2001- Quincy Carter round 2
  • 2007- Isiah Stanback- round 4 (never took a snap as a QB because he was converted to WR)
  • 2009- Stephen McGee, round 4 (part of the worst draft in team history)
  • 2016- Dak Prescott, round 4
  • 2018- Mike White, round 6
  • 2020- Ben DiNucci- round 7

That’s it. Six QBs drafted in 24 drafts. We’ve drafted 2 QB in the last 8 drafts and that was 6th rounder Mike White and 7th rounder Ben DiNucci. That’s just crazy.

Looking at the teams in the 21st century with the most success, they draft QBs often. Even if they already have a HOF QB in place. Look at the number of QBs these teams have drafted since 2000:

  • Patriots: 13 (they drafted 12 after getting the GOAT Tom Brady!)
  • Niners: 11 (They drafted Brock Purdy the year after drafting Trey Lance in round 1)
  • Broncos: 11
  • Ravens: 10 (they drafted Lamar Jackson when they already had SB MVP Joe Flacco)
  • Eagles: 10
  • Packers: 8 (they drafted Aaron Rodgers with the 24th pick 3 yrs before Favre left and drafted Jordan Love with the 26th pick when they had Rodgers!)
  • Chiefs: 7 (they moved up in the draft to get Mahomes in 2017 when they already had Alex Smith who had just taken them to the playoffs)

Every single one of those teams have won multiple conference championships and either won or played in multiple SBs since 2000. The Cowboys have drafted 6 QBs in the same time frame and have zero conference championship appearances. That’s not a coincidence. For whatever reason, Jerry has acted like “we’re set at QB“ without any interest in finding a diamond in the rough as so many other teams have.

It’s pretty clear that the better teams the last two decades know how important it is to draft a QB. Even if you already have a QB you like. There’s a fundamental truth at play here: You can’t find a diamond in the rough at QB if you don’t even try.

Late edit: It’s six QBs drafted not five. Missed Mike White in 2018. Thanks @TheMarathonContinues

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