What team do you want in the 1st round?

So we are pretty well set for the 5th seed. However if they keep this downfall with the defense not playing well, and Dak keeps up the INT’s and Moore continues to be an idiot. We may get the 6th seed.

6th seed gets a trip to SF, unless the Vikings falter and SF moves ahead of them, then we go to Minnesota.

Most likely though.

With the NFCS pretty wide open, as Carolina fell to the Steelers or they would be tied with TB.

So any team can win that division. Who do you want to play?

At TB, where Brady has our number, and TB looked better yesterday, until the 3rd quarter and the turnovers they fell apart.

At Carolina, who seems to be an up and down team.

At Atlanta, who lost to NO or they could have been tied with TB. Atlanta also up and down, but now have a rookie QB playing.

At NO, which if the win the division it hurts the Eagles draft pick a lot. And they too seem to be an up and down team. Would you want to play a playoff game in the Super Dome?

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