State of the NFCE

We are into week 2 of FA now. I have not looked at all the NFL teams moves yet, for FA’s as well as their own FA.

Not even all the NFCE teams other than what I seen on here.

What are your thoughts, and honest thoughts so far. I say honest, as we all know we will get some of the standard comments.

And thoughts as of now, as we have more FA moves as well the main way to improve, the draft.

Washington, have not seemed to do too much, other than giving Payne a huge contract. If they get a QB I can see them improving though, but enough to challenge for the division, just can’t see it right now. They have some very good skill players, and will Chase Young finally step up. I still don’t think their defense is as good as some think, but they play well against weaker offenses.

NYG, Daboll get a good job, especially with Jones at QB. Barkley will be more recovered from his injury. They were a surprise team, and DaBoll deserved coach of the year, IMO. Can we see improvement especially if they get some WR’s, as their defense is not bad. Or will they take a step back with film on his system now.

I see both teams about the same.

Philly, they lose 5 of 11 defensive starters so far, retained 1 or 2. Lost their starting RB and one OL, and another depth OL, retained none that I know of on offense.

They lose both OC & DC also. More film on the offense as well. Can they keep up the same offensive style, as how do they keep the defense from getting worse.

Seems a big step back for now. However they do have draft capital to replace players or some of them.

Dallas, retained their DC, got addition by subtraction from Moore leaving for OC. Retained some key players, made 2 very good trades to help the team.

Still have 7 picks, one in each round in the draft.

So far I see Philly taking a step back, and Dallas at least the same if not a step forward.

I usually go with the current division winner as the favorite going into the next season, unless some drastic changes happen. And so far Philly losing all those starters as well as the OC & DC, that is a big step back.

So I am saying for now, Dallas is the slight favorite, but that could change after the draft.

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