Final Offensive Series in Regulation

A lot has been made about the decision to throw a deep pass on 3rd and 10 and save the Jags a time out and rightly so. However, that series, which burned a pathetic 27 seconds off the clock, was jacked up from the first play. What are we doing running a slow developing play that has Zeke moving parallel to the line of scrimmage on 1st down? That gets blown up immediately for a loss of yardage, which puts us behind the chains. The 2nd down play call was the same run up the gut to Pollard we called 20 times before in the game. It gets three yards and leaves us in 3rd and long. If you are going to throw the ball in this series, why not a screen pass there–oh, right we don’t do those–or have Dak roll out with an option to throw to a crossing TE or run the ball himself?

Then comes the dreaded third down deep throw: incomplete, clock stopped, Jags time out still in the pocket. Almost any other play call is better here. Run the ball, the Jags will burn their last time out. Again, roll Dak out give him the option to throw to a crossing player or run himself. If you are going to pass, make it a higher percentage play, with the option to run and keep the clock moving.

Just an ugly, incompetent, complete fail all around.

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