Game Footage Review: Anthony Barr

Started 11 or 11 games played in 2021.

Missed the first 4 games plus 2 others.

Of the 11, he played 100% of the snaps in 8.

– He played over 90% of snaps in 10 or 11.

He looked like a solid NFL LB in the games I reviewed.

– I think his available was due to questions about him staying healthy.

– Not about his ability. He still has plenty of physical ability when on the field.

He is very big for an off-ball LB at about 6-5, 260.

He stacks-and-sheds blocks about as well as any LB.

– La'el lined up as FB hit him from a running start and he didn't budge.

– La'el ended up holding him; although, it didn't get called.

He also only took 1 step back when Zack Martin hit him from a running start.

Cowboys TE Blake Jarwin trying to block him was comical.

– He just ran through Jarwin like those high school players running through the paper wall.

On at least 2 snaps he lined up in man-under on Cooper.

He does not have great speed to the sideline, but anticipation gives him a head start and he gets to the ball carrier on most of those plays.

Obviously they'll want to avoid having him in downfield man coverage, but for everything else he is solid.

For 2M plus 1M in incentives, this seems like a slam dunk signing.

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