Complete Team Loss

People want to narrow it down to one position group or one player or coach but it was a complete team loss.

  • Defense:
    • Struggled in regulation but stopped the Jags in overtime.
    • They have to find a way to play reasonable run defense without shutting dow the pass rush.
  • Offense:
    • Good or bad in regulation didn’t matter. They only needed a Field Goal to win in OT…
  • Coaching:
    • Too aggressive. Just run then ball when you’re backed up again the goalline and have the lead. The #1 way for the Jags to get back into the game is to turn the ball over in that situation. Might still have lost with Garrett as HC but it wouldn’t be from throwing an INT at the worst possible time.
  • Front Office:
    • They need Tyler Smith type physical monsters at DT. Cage match Tyler vs the Cowboys entire DLine. Tyler wins. DLine all hospitalized. Let’s move Jason Peters to DT…

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