Please remind me, why did we cut Mike White?

Our former 2018 fifth round pick started today for the New York Jets and his numbers were 22-28-315-3TD-0INT.

In 2018 the Cowboys kept two quarterbacks as Dak Prescott started and played every down that season.

The quarterback they decided to keep was Cooper Rush, no argument there. However, they found nothing in Mike White that made them decide to keep both White and Rush.

The Cowboys cut Cooper rush before the season and nobody wanted him, which allowed him to be on the practice squad, available to activate if needed.

White ended up on the Jets practice squad and, due to injuries to the other QB's he actually started a game in 2021 against the Bengals, the eventual conference champion.

White threw for over 400 yards in his first start and the Jets upset the Bengals.

I think this is a classic example of excellent evaluation by the scouts and poor evaluation by the coaches.

It's not the first time in Cowboys history, I'm thinking of posting a list of players that the Cowboys cut only to have really good careers.

It would include guys like 1983 second round pick LB Mike Walter, 1978 second round pick RB Todd Christiensen, 1992 second round draft pick Jimmy Smith, 1977 tenth round pick, QB Steve Deberg, and 1970 third round pick LB Steve Kiner. There are a lot of interesting stories there.

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