A pre-season view of our strengths and weaknesses

After one of the most unusual (and seemingly longest) off seasons ever, training camp is finally about to start. I thought it would be interesting to do a quick assessment of our strengths and weaknesses going into the upcoming 2022 season. Things can and probably will change as the season progresses.


  • Defensive playmakers– with Micah Parsons and Travon Diggs, we have two real defensive playmakers who can create sacks, turnovers and disrupt our opponents. Both have Star possibilities on the side of the ball we haven’t had many for far too long. IF Sam Williams and Jabril Cox develop we could have an excellent defense.
  • P Bryan Anger– an actual weapon for field position and one of the 3 best punters in the league. Avg a whopping 48 yds per punt last year and had 24 punts inside the 20. A 2nd team ALL PRO last year.
  • Dak Prescott– He’s not a top 5 QB but he’s better than way too many here give him credit for. Easily the best QB in the NFCE. If he has even a decent running game, he can be even more effective. We should be grateful we have a good starting QB. Most NFL teams don’t.
  • WRs Cedee Lamb and Michael Gallup– two good starting WRs though Gallup will start the year still recovering from knee surgery. If Kellen Moore will ever pull his head out and realize you have to find creative ways to get the ball in their hands, we could have a dynamic duo here.
  • Defensive Coordinator Dan Quinn– the most competent coordinator we have and strong leader. He seems to understand how to utilize the talent he has and is not afraid to be aggressive (like his predecessors) If he can develop Sam Williams into something, we may have a really good D.
  • RBBC– (Running Back By Committee) if BOTH Zeke and Tony Pollard are used in equal measure, I can see this position being a real strength. If they keep Zeke as the “bell cow” this will not be a position of strength. Simply put, Pollard needs equal time.


  • Offensive Line- Zack Martin will probably still be great. After that there’s a ton of question marks. Tyron Smith has become a guy who we’re lucky to get 10-12 games out of at the 2nd most important position on the field. Tyler Biadaz must show major improvement from last year, and are we sure Terrance Steele is as good as La’el Collins was? Rookie Tyler Smith has great raw talent but I can’t see him being instantly good. And the depth? Worrisome. If this group is
  • Defensive Line– the front four of DLaw, Gallimore, Odighizhua, and Dorance Armstrong cannot be considered top shelf. We can hope hope FA Dante Fowler can help with the pass rush and maybe rookie Sam Williams develops along with rookie John Ridgeway. That’s a lot of ifs and hopes. These guys need to be able to stop the run better or it’s going be a lot TOP for the opponents.
  • HC and Front Office– this may seem strange to list, but Mike McCarthy has been placed in a very difficult position by his boss. Jerry has never seemed to understand how he frequently undermines his HC with his big mouth. The way things stand, Big Mac has to feel like the wolves are at his door all season until he wins a playoff game…or two. That’s not a great dynamic to have in a locker room.

QUESTION MARKS (things that are unclear)

  • Have we found a Kicker?– I like the kid from Tech Jonathan Garibay. I think he’s going to be a good young K based on what I saw of him in college. But that’s obviously still in doubt until he proves himself in real situations.
  • Will Zeke return closer to his early 2021 firm?Or will he continue to slide?
  • Will Kellen Moore get his mojo back? He started the year last year on fire then DCs started throwing new wrinkles at him and he seemed lost. Will he regain his past touch?

Thoughts? What strengths and weaknesses do you see at this point? Question Marks?

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