What can be done to save the season?

1. MCCarthy taking over play calling.

2. Bench LVE start anybody else at MLB. Thats the main problem with the Cowboy defense. You have to have a Pitbull type DOG in the middle. LVE is a toothless poodle. We need a Ken Norton killer type Dog in the MLB position. Not a guy making business decisions and out of position all the time.

3.We need to find 2 more Dogs at DT and stop rotating them in and out all the time. If I'm DC I'm keeping my best two in there until they tap out. For me. Far too much situational football happening. Keep your best defensive players out there as much as you can.

4.We need a 3rd receiver. Maybe it'll be the Steeler guy. Brown seems to have reached his ceiling.

5. Have tougher practices within the rules. Every time I look up Mike is saying we need a break or we're giving them the day off. F! that!

6. Stop worrying about OBJ. I really don't want him in Dallas to begin with. But to keep him from going to other teams we might face I'll except it if it happens. It's not going to matter anyway if the defense keeps playing like they are.

7. And finally. Quit hitting like a bunch of girls out there. I have Direc TV NFL. So I'm watching as many games as I can. For me Dallas is one of the least physical teams on both sides of the ball that I watch. We need to get more physical. Play with more aggression and passion. And play with some anger and a chip on our shoulder. They play more like a bunch of entitled elites.

Season not over yet. But I've seen this movie far too many times to not know the ending unless things change. Diamond news early. Coal news late.

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