We need a new QB

I’ve been a fan since 1978. I consider myself one of the more reasonable middle of the road fans on this board. I’ve never been fanatical, let’s put it that way.

But I’ve reached the conclusion that we need a new QB. Dak is over 30 and he is too inconsistent and mistake prone to give us more than a small chance (If forced to I’d say <15%) to win a championship. Eli won two, so it’s possible, but Eli basically hit the QB lottery on timing.

I do not think there is an easy solution to our QB situation. I think our front office would have to think outside the box – but honestly most great teams in this league do exactly that – find unlikely solutions. I am sure you can easily find multiple reason to knock any potential solution as very unlikely, but for us to compete we need to upgrade.

Maybe we find a desperate team willing to trade for Dak. Maybe we draft a QB in the draft and strike gold. Maybe there is a QB somewhere else in the league that just needs the right home. Whatever the solution is, this team needs to be looking where they can upgrade this position.

Otherwise, our upcoming seasons will be wasted imho.

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