My off-season plan

Yes, these are ridiculous fantasy threads-but are fun food for thought. The fact that Dan Quinn will return makes the defense fun to consider but there are lots of free agents (internally and externally) that make this off-season more intriguing.

I bet almost anything that there were some promises of defensive budget reserved for defensive players to secure Quinn’s services-which might mean a big name external free agent signing might happen (I know, I know).

Not sure how the Kellen Moore decision will play out, but the fact that the team has not come out to say Kellen will return yet seems murky.

Existing contract extensions, cuts, re-signings:

1. Extend Dak Prescott-I may vomit. His last performance was so bad that I cannot believe I’m typing this. He is contractually bound to the team for two more seasons, and a full rebuild of this position is not likely to happen for 3-4 years. Swallow the poison and hope for an antidote.

2. Post June or straight cut Zeke. His time is finished here-just wish the guy well.

3. Extend Zach Martin. They need to discuss how he really feels in his career at this time. He said before that he felt like 10 years seems like the maximum he would want to play.

4. Trade/cut/restructure Tyron Smith. He played well at right tackle and I would not mind a small extension that would reduce his cap hit. If he does not want to take a pay cut to stay I would explore trade options for him before free agency. As long as he’s wanting to play next season, I can see getting a 2024 third rounder (that could change to a second rounder if he plays 85% of offensive snaps). No trade or restructure would mean an outright release.

5. Cut Jourdan Lewis. Allow Dalton Schultz to walk.

6. Attempt to resign: Jonathan Hankins 2 years (2 mil per), Donovan Wilson (4-5 mil per), Cooper Rush (4-5 mil per), Connor McGovern (3-4 mil per), Carlos Watkins (1-2 mil per), T. Y. Hilton and Noah Brown (1-2 mil per), Jason Peters (1-2 mil per), LVE (not much considering injury risk maybe 3 mil per max). 1st round tender Steele

7. I have no idea what to do with Tony Pollard. His injury makes the negotiation impossible. Franchise tag maybe? Though not as important as trench warfare.

8. Sign Daron Payne or Dalvin Tomlinson (back loaded contract, Payne obviously much more expensive). Would be crazy to see real DT players on this defense.

9. Trade this year’s first, 5th and next years 3rd and another 5th to Texans for Laremy Tunsil. Give him massive backloaded contract). Allows Tyler to move to LG and hopefully improve running game no matter who is running.

10. Trade for a wide receiver. Brandon Cooks (only if Texans pick up most of his salary).

11. Target CB, LB, C, WR, RB in the draft.

Lots of fantasy land here. The Cowboys don’t go all in like this now, but you never know. Jerry may feel like this is his last true shot and gamble hard before he’s in the ground.

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