10-3 and a Dose of Realism

“Realism” is a term on this board far too often used incorrectly in place of “pessimism”. This post will use the term correctly.

The team is 10-3. They are well above average league wise. Lots of stats back this up including total final point spread. But if you follow the team closely you should know the good stats already.

This team isn’t the best team in the league. At least not right now. So we shouldn’t expect them to win a super bowl unless they play at their best consistently which historically most teams only do for short periods of time. Teams like the Eagles and Chiefs have more margin for error than Dallas. That doesn’t mean Dallas can’t win it. Certainly worse teams have won, but it’s not the most likely scenario.

Dak is good not great. He is up and down but more up than down. Dallas’ fan base is the most critical in the league, hands down. The only one close is The Eagles fans. Dak is good enough to QB a super bowl team. He is good enough to win a Super Bowl MVP. He is no worse than Eli Manning. But we shouldn’t expect Dak to carry our team on his shoulders. I think Dak haters want a QB that can do that. Too bad, most teams never have a QB in their entire history that can do that.

The Eagles are better than Dallas at their best. But Dallas was better than the Giants in 2007. It’s hard to beat a good division rival 3 times in 1 year. If the Eagles beat us in two weeks I think the odds favor Dallas if there is a playoff rematch game 3.

The level of frustration among Dallas fans is the greatest in all of sports. I get it. I’ve been around since 1979. That was a frustrating year too. 🙂

But the team is what it is – better than most but not good enough atm. But that’s better than being Houston. It’s the holiday season. Better to be grateful than bitter.

Much love.

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