The Current Philosophy Reminds Me of A Former Time

DO NOT think I am saying there's any comparison between the 90s Boyz and what we're seeing now with Rush and this team. I am simply saying that the philosophy we're seeing played out on the field now is exactly what Jimmy's Cowboys rode to a lot of success.

  • Heavy dependence on a running game. Jimmy had Emmitt and Now it's Zeke AND Pollard in combination. Who gives a whit about which back is better when the fact is that in tandem they can produce big numbers. (175 yards vs. NY).
  • Cooper Rush is producing Aikman-Like numbers through the air .. no 400 yard games but rather, 235 or so and little or no turnovers.
  • An OL that's getting it done one way or another – both passing and running.
  • A defense that is capable of tearing the head off opposing QBs and stiff vs. the run.

Again, for you slow ones out there, I AM NOT SAYING THIS IS A TEAM IN THE SAME UNIVERSE as Jimmy's teams but, the philosophy is being played out the same.

All the above leads to BALANCE and that's very hard for opponents to game-plan for.

.. and I hope it continues.

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